Vincent Koekkoek

Manager Finance and Accounting (1963)

Vincent is a Chartered Accountant by background and served many clients in various industries during his 10 year career with Ernst & Young. Vincent’s client portfolio consisted of national and international clients active in various industries (financial services, energy, transport, production, retail, health care et cetera). During his career within Ernst & Young he gained extensive experience in accounting/auditing and other advisory roles by working in multidisciplinary teams. Before Vincent was asked by Oranje-Nassau Energie (ONE) to join the company, back in 2001, he had been already been working with ONE through his role as auditor for approximately 10 years.

Within ONE Vincent is responsible for all (interim) financial reporting/ tax affairs/budgeting/forecasting/treasury/contacts with auditors et cetera.

Furthermore, Vincent has played an important and active role in the acquisition and divestiture processes within ONE and as such was involved with the acquisition of Janice, Pierce, Cook, Edinburgh Oil& Gas (Buzzard) and Devon’s interest in Gabon as well as various disposals of assets.

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