Oranje-Nassau Energie (ONE) is focusing on growth through the acquisition of North Sea operated development and production assets, ranging from fields or companies offered for sale in public auctions to negotiated ‘one-on-one’ deals. ONE will also look at attractive investment opportunities outside the North Sea and given its presence in Gabon, will consider expanding its West-African asset base with the aim to create a multi-asset company in the region.

ONE will continue to have an active role as joint venture partner and employ the broad experience of its asset managers, once an asset has been acquired.

Strategy Model

  • Extract value from niche opportunities as a cost efficient operator
  • Select attractive acquisition opportunities, preferably operated, through in-depth regional subsurface knowledge
  • Use extensive industry network to initiate investment opportunities
  • Team-up with industry partners, to increase access to investment opportunities and improve the chances of a successful acquisition
  • Monetise direct commodity investments in crude oil and natural gas with historically good returns
  • Utilise advantageous position for expanding North Sea and West Africa asset base
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