Oranje-Nassau Energie (ONE) and its partners TAQA Offshore B.V. and EBN B.V. discovered the P11-11 field in the spring of 2014. This typical marginal gas field contains an estimated 650 million Nm3 recoverable gas reserves. After P11-E was placed, a second well was drilled from the platform discovering the P11-12 field. This field is expected to contain some 200 million Nm3 recoverable gas reserves and production from both fields is currently 1.1 mln Nm3/d. Both wells have a high Gas-Condensate-Ratio and are drilled through a thin oil rim. Development of the oil rims is uneconomic at the current forward oil prices.

Introducing an innovative platform design, ONE has started in October 2016 the production from the gas platform P11-E, located at the North Sea about 50 kilometres outside the Dutch coast. The new platform concept enables ONE to economically develop two marginal fields, despite current gas prices. The production is estimated to end in 2022. The satellite operates emission-free. Power is generated by an unique combination of solar and windmills, storing renewable energy in batteries.

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