M07-A/B Fields

Early 2011 Oranje-Nassau Energie (ONE) gained 42.75% and operatorship of M07-A, following the acquisition of Cirrus Energy. Other partners in the field are EBN, TAQA Energy and Energy-06.

Gas was discovered in 1996 in over-pressured, good quality Triassic sandstone reservoir at 2850 m sub-sea (mss) in the Terschelling Basin. An overlying lesser quality, equally over-pressured Jurassic sand interval tested gas at sub-commercial rates. In 2009 the Triassic reservoir was developed by a new well, M07-A01X, supported by a custom-built mono-tower (minimum facilities, 25 m water depth) with the capacity to accommodate up to 3 wells. Produced gas and condensate is treated at the nearby NAM-operated L09-FF platform and exported via the NOGAT system to Den Helder.

In 2010 a Jurassic appraisal M07-A02 well aimed at a more down-flank reservoir location tested gas for a short period at commercial rates. The well could produce to L09-FF after installation of a free water knock-out vessel on the mono-tower in 2013. In Q4 2014 the M07-B field has been further developed by the extended reach M07-A03 well. The well tested at a maximum flowrate of 1 million m3/d and 250 stb/d associated condensate. In Q4 2015 the M07-A02X will target the M07-B field. Subsequently in Q1 2016, an appraisal well M07-10 will target the east flank of this field. In case of success of M07-10, preparations will be made to appraise the northern extent of the M07-B field that runs into the M04 license, which is also operated by ONE.

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