L08-D and L11-Gillian Fields

Early 2011, Oranje-Nassau Energie (ONE) gained a 25.479% interest of the L08-D Field and Unit following the acquisition of Cirrus Energy. After the acquisition of the EWE assets in July 2013, ONE increased its working interest in the field to 38.8%. The L08-D field straddles the L8a, L8b and L11b blocks and is operated under a Unit Agreement with partners EBN, Energy-06 and TAQA. TAQA performed daily operations of the L11b-A platform on behalf of ONE. On 1 September 2016 ONE and TAQA reached an agreement to terminate the L11b-A Facilities Operating Agreement and transfer TAQA's interest in the L8-D Unit and L11b-A platform to ONE. After completion, ONE's interest in the field will be 56.76%.

The L08-D field was discovered by well L08-16x drilled in 2004, producing from a Permian-aged Rotliegend sandstone reservoir at a depth around 3775 m. In 2009, the deviated L11b-A06 appraisal and later producer well was drilled by Cirrus Energy from the then Chevron owned L11b-A platform. The L08-D Unit partners committed to develop the field and acquired the L11b-A platform from Chevron in August 2009. Initial modifications to the platform were completed and first gas from the L08-D Field flowed in October 2009. A second development well, L11b-A08 was successfully drilled end of 2012. In May 2015 a third development well, L11b-A09, was spudded and first gas was produced on August 8, 2015.

The L11-Gillian gas field was discovered with well L11-14 in the fall of 2015 by ONE and partners Energy-06 and Energie Beheer Nederland B.V. (EBN). L11-14 was drilled as a sidetrack from the ealier, technically failed, and abandoned, Cirrus well L11b-A07 on the L11b-A platform. After testing it was completed as production well L11b-A07Z. ONE holds 57.9885% interest in the L11-Gillian field, which straddles the L11b and L11c production licences.

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