Joost de Weerd

EVP Asset Manager (1956)

Joost holds a MSc in Geology from the University of Amsterdam  and worked for Shell International in Oman in Exploration where he gained a wide experience with both clastic and carbonate reservoir systems. Next, he moved to Petroleum Engineering as Economics and Planning Engineer. In 1990, Joost joined Oranje-Nassau Energie (ONE) as Senior Geologist, also responsible for Petrophysics. He was promoted to Asset Manager in 1999. Given ONE’s strategy of a small and flexible technical team, he also continued his role as the Team’s geologist. His TCM and OCM responsibilities, in combination with his continued technical involvement, allow Joost to be both actively involved and familiar with all aspects of business development and the technical groundwork related to reservoir management.

Joost has actively participated in all of the many exploration and acquisition evaluations carried out by ONE and as such he has contributed to the successful acquisition of almost all past and present assets of  ONE. His focus and involvement in acquisitions is through in-depth analysis of all geological, petrophysical and reservoir aspects, aimed at identifying all hydrocarbons reserves potential, in close cooperation and communication with the other members of the technical team. The most prominent acquisitions were Hanze, Wytch Farm and Elgin/Franklin and more recently, Buzzard and Tchatamba.

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