Joint Development Area

The KL block Joint Development Area (‘JDA’) is comprised of six unitised Licences, K7, K8, K11, K14, K15 and L13, with 28 fields in production from more than 50 wells. The JDA Licences lie in the western part of the Dutch North Sea and are located within the main Rotliegendes fairway, producing gas from the Slochteren reservoirs.

Oranje-Nassau Energie (‘ONE’) has a share of 0.85% in the JDA and has been involved since 1967. Current partners are NAM (operator), Tullow, Wintershall and EBN. Production from the JDA commenced in 1977. Within the JDA, all costs and production are pooled. Gas export for the High Calorific (‘HiCal’) and Low Calorific (‘LoCal’) production streams are brought onshore in separate streams.

The JDA has historically been a frontrunner in exploration technology; the JDA blocks were the first large licences in the world where block-wide exploration 3D seismic was used. Also today, innovative techniques are being applied leading to continued discoveries and developments of new gas fields.

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