Oranje-Nassau Energie - Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) policy


Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. and Oranje-Nassau Energie UK Limited (hereafter are both companies referred to as 'ONE') are commited to conduct their operations in a sustainable way that protects the health, safety and well-being of employees, contractors and the public and will make every effort to prevent pollution and avoid impact to the environment, loss of integrity of assets and damage to the property of the company and third parties. A responsible and pro-active HSE management is considered a key factor in ensuring business success. We will respect: the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.


  • We will comply with the intent and specific requirements of all applicable laws, regulations and agreements with the government and business partners
  • It is the responsibility of every individual who works for ONE to comply with the law as well as with ONE policies and practices. This is a condition of employment

Objectives and Planning

  • For the implementation of our policy we will maintain an HSE Management System including energy efficiency improvement, according to applicable national legislation and company standards
  • We will set measurable targets as part of our annual HSE program


  • We will maintain HSE management standards, sound procedures and clear programs
  • We will carry out risk assessments so that the business will be conducted with due care to safety, health and environment
  • ONE will ensure that all employees and contractors are aware that the HSE aspects of their tasks and responsibilities are an integral part of the business
  • If the safe or environmentally responsible completion of a task is not clearly foreseen, the task shall not be started
  • Employees and contractors are expected to take action on any substandard condition and to report any incident that resulted in or could have resulted in injury or damage
  • Incidents will be investigated, the root causes determined and the results shared within the organization in order to prevent recurrence
  • We will maintain effective emergency response procedures, train employees in their use and conduct emergency exercises

Monitoring and Audits

  • We regularly conduct inspections and audits to monitor the compliance with and effectiveness of our HSE Management System
  • We will share those results with employees, contractors and stakeholders involved, in order to identify strengths as well as opportunities for improvement

Management Review

  • Management will annually review the HSE policy and the effectiveness of the HSE Management System
  • The policy and management system will be adjusted as required

Continuous Improvement

  • We seek continuous improvement to our health, safety, environmental and energy performance by yearly setting new (individual and company) targets
  • We will actively co-operate with industry and authorities to further enhance our HSE standards and performance
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