F3-FB, in which Oranje-Nassau Energie (ONE) has a 12.6% stake, is an oil and condensate field discovered in 1974, straddling the F2a, F3 and F6 licences in the northern part of the Dutch North Sea. The field is located in the southern part of the Central Graben and consists of three separate reservoirs; the Lower, Middle and Upper Graben Sands of Jurassic age.

The field was developed in 1992/1993, using a concrete production- and wellhead platform bridge-linked to a steel accommodation platform. Production started October 1993 from 3 wells and another 4 wells were added in subsequent years, of which the most recent one (F3-B109) was brought on line April 2012. The main production unit has a capacity of 24,000 bbls/d of condensate/oil and 660 boe/d of gas, which was later upgraded to 800 boe/d. The oil and condensate from F3-FB is loaded offshore directly from the concrete platform, which can store up to 200,000 bbls of oil and condensate. The gas is sent through the NOGAT system to the Den Helder terminal 220 kms away.

ONE participates in the Middle- and Lower-Graben resources and derives a tariff from the Upper Graben production.

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