Eric Verkuil

EVP Exploration (1956)

Eric is a geophysicist (MSc Delft University, with honours) by background and worked briefly in operations. He soon developed strong skills in seismic interpretation and is responsible for the generation of many prospects, area- and field delineations and unitisations. He is a quick, creative and independent thinker and combines strong analytical skills with a strong intuitive approach in complex matters (Myers-Briggs profile: INTP). Eric is a proven oil finder and has successfully led several complex field unitisations. He is proficient on seismic workstations and mapping packages and organises well. Due to experience and interests in other disciplines, he has developed a helicopter view on the integration of the many different aspects of the E&P scene.

Over the years he has had a material contribution to the growth and the quality of the asset base of ONE. Eric is ONE’s OCM or TCM representative in a number of ventures. He is also responsible for all geophysical and exploration issues.

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