Berend Vrouwe


Geoscientist with experience in oil and gas exploration, field development and geothermal exploration. Berend obtained his MSc degree Geosciences at the Vrije University in Amsterdam and working for the NAM in Assen as intern, where he constructed a structural geological model for the Groningen field, focusing on the Carboniferous underneath. Later he joined the geothermal industry with T&A Survey in Amsterdam exploring for geothermal energy and preparing well proposals for geothermal doublets throughout the Netherlands. He shifted back to the oil and gas industry when he started working for Xodus in The Hague, working on a variety of projects related to exploration and production for oil and gas; Nigeria, Oman, Chad, Kurdistan and the Southern North Sea. The last six months he was appointed to a project at Total E&P Netherlands to map the Westphalian and Rotliegend horizons in Total’s K-block assets. In September 2015 Berend joined Oranje-Nassau to strengthen its subsurface team.

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