Oil & gas assets

Oranje-Nassau Energie has a balanced portfolio in terms of oil and gas production, geographic spread through assets in the Dutch and UK North Sea and Gabon and a spread of operated and non-operated stakes, operated by a variety of well established operators.

Production in 2017 has increased to 25,000 boe/day, with a mix of 25% oil and 75% gas.

Asset Country Gas/Oil Operator ONE equity Partners
Breagh UK Gas INEOS 30% INEOS
Buzzard UK Oil Nexen 0,5% Maersk, Nexen, Suncor
F2a Pliocene/Hanze NL Gas/Oil Dana 21%/35% Dana, Dyas, EBN
F3-FB NL Gas Engie 12,5% Engie, Lundin, TAQA, Total
GEAD UK Oil Nexen 0,47% Dyas, Maersk, Nexen, Suncor 
JDA NL Gas NAM 0,9% EBN, NAM, Tullow, Wintershall
K9ab and K9c NL Gas Engie 8,6%/10,3%

EBN, Engie, Rosewood, XTO

K12-G NL Gas Engie 10,3% EBN, Engie, Rosewood, XTO
Kowe Gabon Oil Perenco 18,75% Perenco, Tullow
L08-D NL Gas ONE 38,9% EBN, Energy-06, TAQA
L10-M NL Gas Engie 21,4% EBN, Engie, Rosewood, XTO
L11-Gillian NL Gas ONE 56,76% EBN, Energy-06
M7 NL Gas ONE 42,8% EBN, Energy-06, TAQA
P11a NL Gas ONE 30% EBN, TAQA
P15ab NL Gas TAQA 14,2% Dana, Dyas, EBN, TAQA, Wintershall
P15c NL Gas TAQA 11,7% Dana, Dyas, EBN, TAQA, Wintershall
P15-Rijn NL Oil TAQA 14,2% Dyas, TAQA, Wintershall
P18-ADT NL Gas ONE 23,39% Dyas, EBN, Lundin, TAQA, Total 
Q16a NL Gas ONE 41,7% EBN, Lundin, Total
Q16-Maas NL Gas/LPG ONE 46,5% EBN, Energy-06, TAQA
Sean UK Gas ONE 50% SSE
WGT NL   Wintershall 2,3% NAM, Total, Tullow, Wintershall
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